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The Heidelberg funicular railways rank amongst the most popular tourist attractions in the town. Every year more than one million passengers use the traditional funicular railways, enjoying the spectacular views of Heidelberg and the Neckar valley as they travel, and from each of the stations. You can even see far across the Rhine lowlands as far as the Palatinate wine route from the vantage point of the Königstuhl.

The lower railway, one of Germany's most modern funicular railways, starts at Kornmarkt in the old town and runs via the Castle (Schloss) station as far as Molkenkur. From there you can continue with one of the oldest electric funicular railways to the Königstuhl, the town's highest point at more than 550 metres.



Funicular railways are open
All passengers are requested to keep to the current hygiene and distancing rules, wear a mask covering the nose and mouth, and comply with access control policies at the stations. Due to the reduced number of guests per railway carriage, waiting times may occur. Thank you for your cooperation.

To the Königstuhl, please!

Spectators ride along: New Youtube-film provides insights into the history and technology of the funicular railways (in German).

Upper funicular runs from 27th May

Lower funicular, which provides a service between Kornmarkt and Molkenkur station via Heidelberg Castle, operates since 12th May.

Visit Heidelberg Castle

Lower railway goes directly to the Castle (Schloss) station. 

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You can also find artistic impressions and photographs of the Heidelberg funicular railways on Facebook. Visit us there under Stadtwerke Heidelberg (page in German).

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High up with the Heidelberg funicular railway

The Heidelberg funicular railways thrill more than two million passengers a year with impressive views of the town, Neckar valley and Rhine lowlands – as far as the Palatinate wine route.


Discover the four funicular stations.


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