Timetable funicular railways - winter

(applies from 26th October 2020 to 31st March 2021)  

++++   Funicular railways still closed   ++++  


UpFirst departure Last departure
Lower funicular:
from Kornmarkt 9.00 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.10 p.m.
to Castle  9.02 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.12 p.m.
from Castle  9.03 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.13 p.m.
to Molkenkur 9.05 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.15 p.m.

Upper funicular:
from Molkenkur 9.08 a.m. Every 20 minutes 5.18 p.m.
to Königstuhl 9.17 a.m. Every 20 minutes 5.27 p.m.

DownFirst departureLast departure
Upper funicular:
from Königstuhl 9.08 a.m. Every 20 minutes 5.28 p.m.
to Molkenkur 9.17 a.m.* Every 20 minutes 5.37 p.m.

Lower funicular:
from Molkenkur 9.00 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.40 p.m.
to Castle 9.02 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.42 p.m.
from Castle 9.03 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.43 p.m.
to Kornmarkt 9.05 a.m. Every 10 minutes 5.45 p.m.

* Next train from Molkenkur: 9.20 a.m.

The lower funicular is adapted to accommodate people with disabilities as far as Molkenkur station. However the historical upper funicular has stairs to be negotiated. You can find more tips for wheelchair users and visitors with pushchairs in our information about the journey.

Special trips
If possible we will arrange special trips outside of normal operating hours. You can request these by calling us on +49 (0)6221/513-2150 or visit info@swhd.de.

Order tickets online

Have your tickets put by at the ticket office. Simply pick them up, jump aboard, relax and enjoy.

How to get to the funicular railways:

Take the bus no. 33 from Bismarckplatz to the Kornmarkt valley station (Station "Rathaus/Bergbahn").

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