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Heidelberger Straßen- und Bergbahn GmbH
Limited company, head office in Heidelberg
Mannheim registry court,
Company register no. 703046
VAT no. DE 811 200 629
Managing Director:
Michael Jäger MBA


Heidelberger Straßen- und Bergbahn GmbH
PR and Communications
Kurfürsten-Anlage 42-50
69115 Heidelberg

The Heidelberg funicular railways are owned by the Stadtbetriebe Heidelberg local transport services, an in-house operation of Stadt Heidelberg. The Heidelberger Straßen- und Bergbahn company, which is owned by Stadtwerke Heidelberg public utilities, is responsible for the funicular railways technical operations on behalf of the town of Heidelberg.

Telephone: 06221 513-0
Fax: 06221 513-3333


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