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Data privacy statement of Heidelberg funicular railways



Heidelberg funicular railways (collectively referred to below as “funicular railways”, “we” or “us”) hereby provide information on data privacy, in particular the obligations placed on us in connection with our responsibility in the area of data protection as a result of the entry into force of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679; referred to below as “GDPR”) in order to ensure protection of your personal data (as the data subject, we address you in the following as the “customer”, “user” or “you”, for example. Where we decide, either on our own or together with others, as to the purposes and means of data processing, this first and foremost entails an obligation to inform you in a transparent manner about the type, scope and duration of processing and the applicable legal basis (cf. GDPR, Art. 13 and 14). This statement (referred to in the following as “Stadtwerke Heidelberg Data Privacy Statement”) informs you about how your personal data are processed by our company.

Our Data Privacy Statement is modular in structure. As you may not use all the services, it is possible that not all parts of our Data Privacy Statement are of relevance to you. Please refer to the following breakdown of our Data Privacy Statement to find the parts which are relevant for you:



Part Title Relevance to you…
A General ... always relevant.
B Web pages and social
media content
... relevant if you use our German internet content, including our social media presence
C Business partners ... relevant if you wish to cooperate with us as a customer, sales partner, supplier or similar, or if you are already or have been in a business relationship with us.
D Video surveillance for security purposes ... relevant if you use one of our facilities, parts of which are under video surveillance for your and our safety and security.



C. Business partners

D. Video surveillance for security purposes


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