Schlossticket (Castle Ticket)

In 2010 they introduced the Schlossticket, a combination ticket for travel on the funicular railway to the castle – and from the start of 2013 you can go as far as Molkenkur Station – including admission to the castle, Barrel Building and German Pharmacy Museum. The Schlossticket, an initiative of Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg and Heidelberger Straßen- und Bergbahn (HSB), has turned out to be a huge success: over half of visitors use the funicular rather than travelling by car to the castle – which is after all the most-visited monument in Baden-Württemberg with around one million guests each year. In this way the funicular railway makes an important contribution to environmental and climate protection in Heidelberg. You can help too by using the railway – travel is included with admission to the castle.

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Four stations, plenty of possibilities. Photos and information.
Four stations, plenty of possibilities. Photos and information.

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